So once you’ve stopped singing along at the top of your voice to Beyonce’s “Put A Ring On It!”, it’s time to get serious, you’ve got a Wedding to plan!! Lucky for you, we excel at throwing exceptional Weddings, with over 5o years of Wedding experience, our dedicated Wedding Team are the equivalent of wedding ninjas – ensuring every detail is attended to with lightening speed! We also happen to be located adjacent to Killarney’s beautiful National Park – the perfect backdrop for those Wedding snaps which will be positioned with pride on your mammy’s mantel piece for years to come!

We have a whopping 244 spacious bedrooms in The Gleneagle Hotel,with every imaginable room type offered:  double bedroom, twin bedroom, triple bedroom, family bedroom, family suites and double suites – we have them all and they smell fresh as a daisy as they are all non-smoking!

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Naturally we offer all the usual things other hotels make a big deal of on their sites but how many other hotels offer the possibility of spotting Killarney’s version of Bambi from the comfort of your bedroom window? Yup, that’s right our complex is nestled right on the edges of Killarney’s famed National Park and Lakes, where our native Red Deer roam freely and very happily!

So you’re looking to pack up the kids and head on an action packed holiday to Killarney? (well it’d be frowned upon to leave them behind!). Want them entertained from the moment they hop on your bed at ridiculous o’clock in the morning, ‘til their tiny eyelids droop shut at beddy bye bye time? Then Killarney is THE destination for you!

There is so much on offer – have fun with the animals at Coolwool Wildlife Park and Kennedy’s Animal Pet Farm and Playground; discover ancient stalagmites and stalactites at Crag Cave and go back in time at Muckross Traditional Farms! No trip would be complete without a boat ride past Ross Castle on the famous MV Pride of The Lakes or a jaunting car ride to Muckross House and Gardens or for the truly adventurous a horse trek up the Gap of Dunloe! Your only problem will be trying to pack it all in!